Monday, November 12, 2012

At first for this fear assignment I wasn't sure want I wanted to do. I have many fears and couldn't really decide on what fear to do. I had planned on just doing something that I enjoy instead of doing something on fear. So that is why I drew a Pikachu picture. I enjoy art and video games so I made this. 

But after I had heard what some peoples fears were it occurred to me that there was a fear that I could talk about and use this drawing for it as well. During this semester I have been having a lot of doubts about what exactly I want to do for a career. I want to make games, that I know I want to do but its what part of making games that I'm not sure about. I been learning how to model and make level so far but I don't know if that is want I want to do. I've been thinking about maybe doing concept art but from what I discovered from my drawing is that I would have to work very hard to get where I should be. So my fear that I'm having right know has to do with me being indecisive. I'm afraid that I wont be able to decided what I want to do and wont make any progress that I need to get better at anything.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just recently I had questioned what is was that I wanted to do exactly in making games. I've been doing 3D and making game levels in UDK but I wasn't sure if that was what I wanted to do. I started drawing again and it clicked in my head to do concept art. This pictures that I choose to show are two styles that I would like to learn to do. The left is Guild Wars 2 art and on the right is League of Legends art. The two company's that make these games I would love to work for. My goals in order to try to get to this point is to learn Photoshop better so that I can transfer my skills to digital from. I'm good at drawing on paper but Photoshop gives me trouble a lot. I'm gonna have to take classes and practice a lot. I think this is the right choice for me.

  • What is the most important thing in your life?                                                                                        The most important thing in my life is my family, because they give me so much support. 
  • How does discussing that make you feel?                                                                                                It makes me feel happy talking about my family because I love them so much.
  • How does it make you feel about your goals when you think about the amount of time you might or might not have in which to achieve them?                                                                                                         I have short and long terms goals that I think about a lot. Some of my goals I don't have much time to do so those I focus on first. Some of my long term goals are the ones I have trouble motivating myself to work on. The long term goals I try to work on but when I blow it off it makes me feel bad.
  • What are your thoughts on the idea that you are in charge of how much time you actually have in a given day?                                                                                                                                                       I agree that only you really control your time.
  • What are the limitations your place on yourself?                                                                                  Well whenever I have to go to class 2 hours of my day is spent driving, and its because I chose to carpool up to school, instead of moving up there.
  • What are the limitations that are imposed on you by outside sources?                                              Medical problems that happen randomly and events that are very important that cause me to lose time, like weddings.
  • What can you do about any of this?                                                                                                      Try to fix my laptop or buy a new laptop so that when I have to go somewhere I can work on some personal projects or homework.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Go to a library, bookstore, or your own book collection and look through the books. Please do not read any. Just pay attention to what catches your eye.
·         What is it that stands out to you? The colors of the book spines.
·         Why? My book collection is very colorful.
Choose a red book and open it to page 6. Close your eyes and put your finger on the page somewhere.
·         What did you find? A sentence being spoken.
·         If your finger landed on a paragraph, how many times does the letter P show up in that paragraph? 3
·         If it landed on a picture, how many straight lines are in the picture? Not on a picture.
·         If it landed on white space, what is the white space surrounding? Not on the white space.
·         Can you imagine the white space as a sea and the other parts (words, pictures, etc.) as islands floating in white water or space? The white space is like a frame around the paragraphs.
Using your other senses, explain what the paper feels like.
·         Is it slick or rough? The paper is a little rough.
·         What does the cover feel like? Smooth.
·         Can you feel the ink of the words if you close your eyes? I can feel the words a little bit.
·         Do different colors feel different with your eyes closed? Hard to tell, not many different colors on the book.
·         What else can you discover about the paper? The top of the paper feels rougher than the rest.
·         What about the cover? Can’t find anything else.
Without destroying the book, unless you own it and want to, see if you can figure out how the book was constructed.
·         Is it stitched? No
·         Is it glued? Yes
·         Is there any cloth on this book or is it all paper? No cloth.
·         Is it a hardback or paperback? Paperback.
·         Does it have signatures? (Hint: you may need to look up what signatures are in the context of making books…) I don’t think it has signatures.
·         If it has signatures, how many pages are in each and how many signatures are there in the whole book?
·         If it does not, look at the glue on the ends of the spine and describe what you see. I don’t see anything.
Flip through the pages and look at the end papers.
·         Is there any writing in the book, other than the printing? There is a message in the book.
·         If so, what does it say? It says may this book inspire me to work with animals.
·         Why is it there? I wanted to work with animals but change my mind years ago.
·         Who wrote it? My grandma.
·         If you do not know, then imagine who might have written it.
·         If there is no writing in the book then how does it make you feel to know you are the first person (possibly) to think about it?
Examine the book more.
·         Are there any stains on the book? None.
·         Are there any fingerprints? None.
·         What do they look like?
·         How might they have happened?
Look at the pages of the book.
·         What is the color of the pages? I bet they are not really white. The pages are a light yellow color.
·         How would you describe the color? Is it warm or cold? Bright or dull, etc. Warm but dull.
·         What other visual things can you explore with the book? The edge of the paper is dark than the inside.
Think about the history of this book.
·         Can you see any other evidence that someone else has handled this book? The book is in great condition. The only think is that there is a little tear in the cover.
·         What are the edges of the pages like? Describe them. Smooth but darker than the inside pages.
·         Can you imagine what someone else might have been thinking as they read this book? I’m not so sure what someone would have been thinking when reading this book.
·         Do you think anyone else has used this book like you are right now instead of reading it? I doubt anybody has used this book like this.
Flip through the pages quickly.
·         Can you hear the sound? If so, describe it. I can hear a sound. The pages make a soft sound and when the cover hits it, it makes a louder sound.
·         If not, what is your experience like?
·         Can you feel the breeze? Yes
·         Can you move something with the wind generated from the book? I can make a tea bottle wiggle.
·         Could you use this book to win a game you created using the book's wind power? I don’t think there is enough wind from the book to be significant.
Drop the book on the floor.
·         What did you experience? I hear a loud thud.
·         Did you sense the vibrations the book made? Not really.
·         Did you feel it in your feet? Nope.
·         Take your shoes off. Now drop the book. Was there any difference? No difference.
Hold the book between your hands with one hand on each cover and the book closed. Close your eyes.
·         Is the book cold? Hold it like that for at least one minute. Yes it’s cold but I can feel it warm up.
·         Now feel the cover. Can you feel the temperature change from where your hands were to where they were not? Yes my hands made it warmer in the spot where I was holding it.
·         Have you ever been aware of this before when you were holding a book to read it? Nope I never noticed.
·         If your heat transfers in this situation and you noticed it because I asked you to, why do you think you have never noticed it before? I get into the book that I read so I just don’t notice.
·         If you have noticed the temperature of a book you were holding before, describe why you noticed it.
Smell the book.
·         What does the smell make you think of? It has a smell that reminds me of new car smell and smells like that. It’s new book smell.
·         If you can't think of anything, describe the smells you can sense. (Interesting fact: Did you know that I have friends [many librarians, actually] who choose their books partly based on how they smell? Honestly.)
I do not recommend tasting the book for health and safety issues… :-)

Now, finally, read the first page. If it is just pictures, read the story of the pictures. 
·         What is the title of this book? The tittle is called ‘All creatures Great and Small’
·         Based on the first page, explain why you think the book was titled that. It sounds like the book is about a veterinarian, which makes sense.
Reflect back on this entire exercise.
·         What is your experience like with the book now that you have experienced it differently? There are thinks that I have never noticed before, like the heat transfer.
·         Do you still find books to be boring, assuming you did in the first place? I never found books to be boring. I used to read all the time.
·         What, if anything has changed for you in regards to books? I don’t read them anymore because I don’t have time and whenever I’m reading a book series that is still in the works I tend to forget about them.
Now think about this class.
·         How did I "fishbowl" this assignment? There were very specific things that were needed to be done.
·         What do you think the point is of this exercise? To look at books differently.
·         What can you take from this exercise that might help you with future projects? I could look at things that usually aren't paid attention to.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

For the cookie project the only thing I could come up with was making a cookie flower in Photoshop. It accrued to me that when fresh baked cookies come out of the oven, people smell them like they do flowers. They both smell really good so I felt like making a cookie flower. I think it clever.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The next project where we have to break a rule was very difficult for me. I could not think up of anything at all. The only think I could come up with is instead of drawing with my hands, I draw with my feet. Rules that you don't really think about is kinda hard to break. The was the project that stump me up big time. Well basically I drew a cat with my hands then I drew the same thing with my feet. There is a obvious difference between the two.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

For my next project I decided to make a Dragon in Maya. I have been wanting to do this for a while now so I figured now was a good opportunity to do so. I started my Dragon by making the body and legs first. It didn't take long to do which was good. After I made the body I started making the head. Since I was making a Chinese Dragon it took a little longer to do but I think I did a good job. My Dragon reminds me of the Dragon from Mulan. Hopefully people like it.